White Love

School and Career were the reasons for me being missing in action with my blog. This week is our finals so still good luck to me.

There are 3 things that I learned from being SO busy this last couple of weeks, it's to always comeback to yourself, know where you are and believe to those who ONLY & ALWAYS will be there for you. The first sentence might be a little bit emotional but I guess it's on how you'll read this (swear I'm not crying while typing this, just real talk). The events that I handled, the written, practical and oral quizzes that I passed, the opportunities that came along the way were the indication that yeah I am living. And that no matter what happens whether I die today or later, I guess I won't have that kind of "Hell I should have done this for this", but instead at least I can say "I've done my part and gave my all". But this ambitious little heart has something to say also "what about chances?" 

One midnight while I was looking at the photos from my phone; photos of my family, friends and some random people who wanted to take a picture with me, I smiled, a crooked smile, and right there I knew something was missing, and that it's white chances. As what my humanities professor taught me, white is not a color but a transparent thing that we see, a light, transparent light. TRANSPARENT CHANCES, the what ifs. I tell you, though you've been so successful in many events, at the end of the day all your what if's will again and again and again come back to you. What if I took the chance? What if I didn't neglect it, what if I didn't ignore him, what if I was brave enough to just speak my feelings and let it all out, what if....

Happiness is a choice. Always remember that.
I chose to be happy and so I am happy. But even though you're already in that pretty space you still look down, ask yourself, really? am I? and every time this words pop out I always answered, "I am. But take chances, It might make you or break you but believe this that at the end of the day you'll be happy that you've been brave enough for making a step to chances."

From this day onwards, I vow to myself  TO TAKE CHANCES in anything that my future self will thank me for. School, Career, Work, Family, Friends and to anything or anyone that'll come. 
I'll continue with what I already started and transform to what I really wanna be. 
I will still be busy. Busy making myself live life at its finest, no doubts, no "second time around", no boundaries. Just me discovering of what more can I do, me loving more of me, me taking chances of loving someone, me loving more the friends that made me a better friend, and me loving my family even more for raising me as a dignified person, a disciplined woman, and for the unconditional everything.

Trust & Surrender your life to God
Know where you are and where you should be
Be thankful
Be wise
Choose Happiness
Take Opportunities 
Never settle for less
Take Chances
Widen your capacity
and always, always, ALWAYS BE YOU

Top: Love Free
Ripped shorts: ZQC

You are the author of your own book. 
Write it well. Make sure it's inspiring.

Vlog: 2013 Favorites!

be Bold, be Fierce, It's 2014!

First outfit post of the year! Black-White-Burgundy. Add burgundy on the list my favorite colors and 2014 wardrobe is all set! ;)
Wore this outfit Last Year. Feels so weird whenever I say that when actually Last Year was just Last night I mean 0_o So ok, I wore this outfit at last night's Holy Mass for 2014. I decided to wear my favorite colors instead of putting on polka dots. I'm not being "KJ" but I just don't believe in luck, but instead in Hard work :)

There are no enough words to describe how thankful I am for all your support. Thank you for letting me share what the Big Man up there has given me. Let's inspire each other again this 2014 so it'd be more fun :)
This year I hope I can really start with vlogging (more) please pray that I'll have much time to do vlogs for you guys since you want naman hahaha I'll be busy for school & work but I'll find time ;)

I hope all of you had a great 2013!
Today is the first blank page of another 365 page book, write a good one ;)
Happy New Year everyone!
Be Happy - Be Young - Be Dope - Be YOU!
Thank you Lord <3

How do I look?

Happy new year Vhince Chiu! :)


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