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Hooray for semestral break! That was a very stressful yet productive 1st semester as a senior. I am hyped looking forward for 2nd semester 'coz finally I'm gonna have my practice teaching! Time flies ~

But before I enter the kingdom of practice teaching and be super busy. Lemme first make the most out of this semestral break. I wanna chill, work, chill, vlog, chill, blog and learn new things!! 

What are your plans for this break?

Baguio: Garden Side

Panda Jacket : Eazy Fashion
Plaid long sleeve: T.W
Jeans: Bench
Boots: Timberland

It's when you come from a tropical side of the country and your body suddenly meets an ice cold place, you better bundle up!
Although I was expecting it's going to be cold, I wasn't expecting it would be this cold. The jacket with the boots weren't enough for a person like me who gets chilled easily. 
I should have just worn a comforter LOL!
But then, thank you for the cold experience Baguio! I surely will come back ^^


 Whenever you go out people always have something to say with your outfit.
Whenever I go out I feel like people around me expects some spark with what I am wearing.
Now let me tell you something, FASHION IS EXPRESSION. It doesn't always have to mean that only because I am a Fashion blogger, I have to wear fancy stuffs at all times. Dears that is not fashion and I would not claim myself as a fashion blogger if that is the reason. 

 Last September 17, I together with my co-staffers for the 3rd PITYLC (Philippine I Transform Young Leaders Convention) went to Baguio City. Before the thick leather & cotton stuffed jackets was worn, this Basic combination was somewhat my "airport fashion" 
It is important to travel comfortably where you can move around. I mean don't get me wrong if you like exaggerating your outfit but I'd like to keep those clothes for the sightseeing trip ;)

 Mid sleeve shirt, to give you that exact simplicity with a pinch of innocence especially that the color of the top is white.


 Rain boots to prepare myself for the cold and rain at Baguio

(by Timberland)

 Basic Jeans by Clifffe

 How do I look?


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