Butter Mellow Sweet as Yellow

This post won't be too long and there'll be no too much in it. 
I would just like to share that I'm loving yellow a little bit and how its' lightness brightens up ones' outfit.
One main thing why I love this maxi dress is because of the cut out at the back. Not to look teasy nor hooty but plain charm with the right amount of contrast to the outfit!

 And credits to Mr. Sunlight for being cooperative. I became lighter because of his ray ^^

How do I look?

Denim Throwback

I'd roar for anything that's high waist.
Is it me or I'm just gettin' addicted to it. I already have numbers of high waist jeans and shorts and maybe one day I won't be able to count them anymore.
Anyway today I decided to post another entry wearing jeans, obviously. But not your ordinary jeans of course there high waist! And you know I have a thing for high waist and stuff. I don't know but it gives me the feeling of retro-ish and trust me it shapes your curves ;)

And yes, what's a high waisted jeans not pairing it with a crop top? ^^

Top: Infinite
Jeans: Next
Shoes: Bamboo Wedges

How do I look?

Haute Couture: The fierce One

Are you tired of people on repeat saying "we SHOULD be like Maria Clara. We're Filipina" 
I'm sick and tired of that line. Yes I am a Filipina but for todays' time, You cannot be Maria Clara all the time. SO feminine, So fine, So silent, HA! people will abuse you because that, people will use you because of that and people will disregard you because of that. I'm not saying being or acting like a "Maria Clara" is not a good thing. But whether you like it or not? society's cruelty for todays' era is different compared before. You might wanna disagree with me.Fine. I am a Filipina, and I choose to be the Fierce one.

 Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence. These are common yet unsolved cases. I can't think of a solution that'll involved violence or investigations like agents and policemen do. But I can speak, write & inform people especially women today that we are not weak as what most men think of us. But what saddens me a lot and often times confuses me is when most of the women today depend their happiness and contentment with having a man. Like seriously? I wish that women these days aspire to become employed or business women rather than waiting for a man to fed them up or be a basketball wife and become what? a house wife? or worse be video vixens. I know I'm too young to say this things and some of you might say I still have long way to go and lifes' doze hasn't come yet, puh-lease if life hits hard, I'd rather die than be on that track. No way.

I survived 20 years of my existence without having a man (opposite sex). 
And I tell you honestly because of that I've enjoyed my years to the fullest. I don't have to be conscious of how I look whenever I need to be haggard & boyish, I don't have to think of foolish immaturity and I don't have to stress about misunderstandings. Indeed my 3rd year high school adviser was right when she said to me "You will have bright days ahead of you. Don't go rushing unto something. haste is always a waste."

As I grow older I've realized the importance of being a woman. I've realize how a woman should be. 
I was never and will never be a 'Maria Clara'. 
People may say and judge me as a boring kind of girl. Well guess what, I know my values & my principles. are tight.
I am Vane. I am a Filipina. I am a fierce one.

Haute Couture gown by EJ Relampagos


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